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This page will include links to our favorite putz house sites, including places your can go for a second opinion, or more information. Seriously, lots of folks have worked together to keep the putz house collecting, restoring, displaying, and building hobbies alive. And you'll get more out of your hobby if you meet more of the gang.

Click to go to Howard's site.Papa Ted's Place - The year 2012 marked the end of an era with the sad loss of "Papa Ted Althof," whose curious mind and diligent research captured almost everything we "know" about those cardboard Christmas communities that graced so many homes between 1928 and 1965. Fortunately, Ted gave Paul Race, proprietor of CardboardChristmas.com(tm) permission to make and publish an archive of "Papa Ted's" Place, which includes hundreds of putz house photos, as much history as Ted could put together, and much more. Click on the graphic to go to that archive.

Click to visit CardboardChristmas.com.CardboardChristmas.com has a discussion forum for putz house collectors, displayers, restorers, and builders to hang out and exchange photos and ideas. It also contains many links to other web resources that hobbyists will find useful. Click on the graphic to the right to jump to the site.

Click to go to Howard's site.Howard Lamey's web page LittleGlitterhouses.com has many photos and lots of free, downloadable plans, graphics and instructions for building your own cardboard Christmas houses and more. To visit Howard's site, please click the graphic.

Click to go to Maria's blog about Christmas collectibles, etc.Maria Cudequest's blog overflows with links to vintage Christmas collectibles, graphics, and stories. She's also been a huge supporter of the putz house hobby. To visit Maria's blog, please click the graphic.

Click to see Antoinette's mantel

Antoinette Stockenberg is a novelist whose annual cardboard Christmas villages are so attractive, the photos are frequently "borrowed" by other sites (including mine, but I always ask first). But to get the full effect, you should take time to visit her miniature world, which includes stories about the townspeople. To see the most recent iteration, click on the photo above, then select the year.

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